Here’s every nerf and buff from Legends of Runeterra 0.9.2 update

A rework has been applied to Legends of Runeterra champions Kalista and Hecarim, along with many minor alterations to various units and spells in the 0.9.2 patch. 

The LoR team continues its nerf and buff trend in patch 0.9.2 with a bunch of minor changes and tweaks that are intended to reduce overpowered champions like Hecarim while increasing Expedition and Constructed play to Poro archetypes.  

LoR Champion nerfs and buffs

Failing to perform at levels the LoR team was satisfied with, Kalista has received a buff in patch 0.9.2. And overperforming within the meta, Hecarim has been reworked with a nerf and buff. 


Following LoR patch 0.9.1, Kalista was the least played champion. Her buffs are designed to improve her playability in Ephemeral and Fearsome Aggro decks. 

Kalista (level 1) 

  • Health increased from two to three.
  • Old text: [Fearsome] Play: Bond with an ally. Grant it +2|+0 while we are bonded. Level Up: I’ve seen 3+ allies die.
  • New text: [Fearsome] Level up: Four allies die.

Kalista (level 2)

  • Health increased from three to four.
  • Old text: [Fearsome] Play: Bond with an ally. Grant it +2|+0 while we are bonded. Attack: Revive that ally attacking and reforge our bond. Level Up: I’ve seen 4+allies die.
  • New text: [Fearsome] The first time I attack each round, revive an attacking [Ephemeral] copy of the [Strongest] dead allied follower. This round, we’re bonded and it takes damage for me.


Adjustments made to Hecarim reduce the champion’s ability to perform as a finisher when combined with other regions but strengthen him when played in Ephemeral builds.  

Hecarim (level 1)

  • Health decreased from six to five.
  • Old level up: You’ve attacked with 8+ [Ephemeral] units.
  • New level up: You’ve attacked with 7+ [Ephemeral] units.

Hecarim (level 2)

  • Health decreased from seven to six.
  • Old text: Attack: Summon two attacking [Spectral Rider]. [Ephemeral] allies have +2|+0.
  • New text: Summon two attacking [Spectral Rider]. [Ephemeral] allies have +3|+0.

Included in the nerfs on Hecarim, Spectral Rider had a power reduction of three to two. 

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