Dead Cells Being Redesigned For Android, Launching In June

Dead Cells is coming to Android mobile on June 3. Mark your calendars.

There’s not much we haven’t already said about Dead Cells, the Metroidvania Roguelike that just won’t die. Which is sort of the point: whenever you die, you start again with more knowledge, skill, and aptitude than you did before. Keep grinding away, acquiring more and more resources, and you’ll eventually beat the game.

Dead Cells is a phenomenal blend of genres and a unique story with incredible gameplay and a beautiful art style. You can already play Dead Cells on pretty much every platform out there, including Apple iOS. Now it’s finally making the jump to Android later in June.

The port is being handled by Playdigious Games, the same folks who already handled the iOS port. According to the Google Play page, the game will feature a “revamped interface” that lets you change the size and position of the buttons, although we still recommend that you make use of the controller support for an ideal Dead Cells experience.

There will be no advertisements or F2P monetization. You pay the price, you get the game. That’s it.

Speaking of price, Dead Cells will sell for $9.99, but you can pre-order today to get 10% off. That brings it down to $8.99.

Dead Cells launches on Android on June 3.

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