Xbox boss Phil Spencer hints at May next gen game reveals

Xbox head Phil Spencer has said there won’t be much of a wait to find out about the Xbox Series X’s games.

While Microsoft has generally been very open and transparent with its upcoming Xbox Series X console, since its official reveal last year, that hasn’t stopped everyone from wanting to learn more and more about it.

But while we’ve become much more familiar with its array of features, there is one aspect that we’re still somewhat in the dark about: the games themselves.

So far, we only know a couple of exclusives confirmed for it, such as Halo Infinite, but most of its library for now consists of titles that are or will be available on current hardware, like Cyberpunk 2077.

A reputable insider did recently claim that, with E3 2020 being cancelled, we could see some new game reveals for either the new Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation 5 as early as May.

While there has been no official confirmation since, a new Tweet from Xbox head Phil Spencer may have corroborated it.

Responding to someone on Twitter, he wrote about reviewing plans for ‘continued sharing throughout launch’ and that the ‘next step is not too much of a wait (games).’

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